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Morocco Up to 5 Years in Jail for Two People on

Salé – The criminal court in charge of terrorism affairs at the Salé appeal court’s annex on Thursday passed sentences ranging from two years to five years imprisonment against two people sued in cases related to terrorism.The defendants are a father, a former member of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and his son, sentenced respectively to five and two years in prison.The court sentenced the two people for “forming a criminal gang to prepare and commit criminal acts within the framework of a collective plot to seriously undermine public order through intimidation, terror and violence, belonging to banned religious organization, and holding unauthorized meetings”.

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Environmental groups sue over offshore drilling rule changes

NEW ORLEANS — Environmental groups are challenging what they view as the Trump administration’s decision to weaken critical safety rules created after the nation’s worst offshore drilling disaster.National groups including Earthjustice and the Sierra Club and groups on the Gulf and Carolina coasts filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday in San Francisco.They say the federal agency created to oversee offshore drilling safety acted before some rules took effect.Federal spokeswomen did not immediately respond to phoned and emailed requests for comment.Interior Secretary David Bernhardt said in March that the changes would eliminate unnecessary regulation while keeping safety and environmental protection.The rules were imposed after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion, which killed 11 workers and spewed an estimated 130 million gallons (493 million litres) of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.Janet McConnaughey, The Associated Press read more

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Calls for better treatment of African pastoralists at workshop cohosted by UN

11 July 2007Africa’s pastoralists deserve year-round attention from Governments and policymakers, and not just in the aftermath of a natural or man-made disaster, a United Nations official told a workshop convened in Kenya to help preserve the nomadic herders’ distinctive lifestyle on the continent. The three-day workshop, which concluded today, was organized by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs’ Pastoralist Communication Initiative (UN OCHA-PCI) and the African Union, and attracted more than 70 participants, including pastoralists, policymakers and AU and UN officials.Millions of pastoralists in Africa live in remote areas away from political and economic centres, leaving them marginalized from policymaking processes that directly affect their lives. They seek greater influence over decisions on governance, access to land, education of their children, access to markets, reduction of conflict, poverty and general vulnerability, and animal diseases and livestock development.Many participants told the workshop, held at the Shaba National Reserve, that pastoralists are regularly misunderstood or stereotyped in political processes and that they only emerge on the public agenda when they are affected by disasters and need emergency assistance. “We must look beyond the immediate emergency response and into medium- and long-term solutions. The ad hoc response of the past is not enough,” said Ahunna Eziakonwa, Chief of OCHA’s Africa section, stressing the Office’s current emphasis on disaster risk reduction and early-warning mechanisms.African pastoralists are particularly vulnerable to climatic shocks such as drought and floods and their livelihoods can be threatened by animal diseases. Pastoralist communities are also regularly either involved in or victims of violent conflicts that spill over national borders.The workshop kicked off a process of future consultations between pastoralists and national Governments that will prepare the groundwork for an AU summit next year, when member States are expected to agree to a pastoral policy framework. Pastoralist leaders from countries such as Mali, Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya and Cameroon acknowledged at the workshop that pastoralists themselves need to build their capacities. They also called for increased coordination and collaboration between their own organizations, regional African institutions and the wider international community. read more

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Aiming to avert famine UN urges agricultural aid to southern Africa

Aiming to avoid a worsening crisis in southern Africa, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the UN World Food Programme (WFP) today urged the international community to fund the purchase and distribution of critically needed seeds to the region.“The planting season has already begun and the window of opportunity to move seeds, hand tools and fertilizers into farming areas in countries such as Malawi and Zambia is closing rapidly,” cautioned Deborah Saidy, WFP’s Deputy Emergency Coordinator for southern Africa. She said if the international community did not act soon, the region would “continue to suffer from lack of food in the coming year.”Southern Africa is facing a long road to recovery from the crisis, which has been caused by a convergence of poor harvests, HIV/AIDS and economic collapse across the region, according to the UN.A plentiful harvest from the next cropping season would greatly ease the immediate food crisis and prevent a continuing cycle of hunger, said FAO and WFP, but they cautioned that the current low levels of seeds, hand tools and fertilizers available to farmers across the region made this outcome unlikely.According to the latest food security assessments in the region, more than 70 per cent of households in Zambia and Malawi have no cereal seed, while in Zimbabwe more than 94 per cent of farmers were without seeds as of last month. In Lesotho, teams found that almost 50 per cent of households had no access to cereal seed and 60 per cent were worried about getting legume seed. In Swaziland, 80 per cent of households surveyed did not have seed for the coming season.FAO’s Director of Emergency Operations and Rehabilitation, Anne M. Bauer, said money is urgently needed to purchase agricultural inputs. “Because people are increasingly poor and prices are skyrocketing, timely access to these key supplies has become an insurmountable hurdle throughout southern Africa,” she said. Ms. Bauer said immediate donations from the international community would allow aid agencies to get the crucial seeds, hand tools and fertilizers into the hands of millions of poor and hungry farmers in time for the next planting season. read more

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Boy 7 in a hole as game of hide and seek goes

first_imgFirefights work to free Max “Max was losing the feeling in his toes and is also claustrophobic, so he was panicking,” his mother said.George admitted his son had “grown a bit” since the previous photograph was taken.“The hole is about 3ft deep, Max was climbing on top of it and managed to get in, and he was crouched down inside and got his knees stuck,” George said. “He was finally free at around 6.30pm. Max was worrying but my wife managed to calm him by singing to him.”The family said that they did not blame anyone for the incident, which they described as a “one in a million accident”. “If his legs had been 10mm shorter or longer, he wouldn’t have got stuck,” George said.  The stone pinnacle at Wightwick Manor where Max got stuck after it was cut up by firefighters to free him The pinnacle was one of a number of pieces of decorative masonry that owner Sir Geoffrey Mander had salvaged in the early Thirties – and happened to be the same stone cylinder Max had posed inside for a photograph when he was two. The stone structures, which came from the original Palace of Westminster, which was destroyed during a fire in 1834, have been in the garden at Wightwick Manor for 85 years.Rescue workers who initially arrived to help had to contact a specialist team due to the “complexity of the entrapment”. Firefights work to free MaxCredit:West Midlands Fire Service/PA Max, of Lower Penn, south Staffordshire, was taken to A&E for routine checks where he was found to have some bruising on his leg, but was later discharged with no serious injuries.George said: “The monument is one which is climbed on a lot by kids. Max has actually being playing on it since he was around two years old.“The monument is like two pillar tops placed on top of one another, the hole on the top one is smaller than the bottom. Max, of Lower Penn, south Staffordshire, was taken to A&E for routine checksCredit:West Midlands Fire Service/PA The stone pinnacle at Wightwick Manor where Max got stuck after it was cut up by firefighters to free himCredit:National Tust/SWNS.com “Staff from the Trust tried to help pull him out but it was no good.”center_img West Midlands Fire Service tweeted: “One of the more unusual incidents our crews and technical rescue unit have attended, but that’s what we’re there for.”A spokesman for the National Trust said: “We can confirm that a young visitor to Wightwick Manor and Gardens became entrapped in part of a stone pinnacle within the gardens yesterday afternoon.“Initial attempts to free the child were unsuccessful so a specialist fire service rescue unit was called in to extract him.”The Morgans – who are National Trust members – offered to pay for the damage, but said that the Trust declined, saying that it was covered by insurance and that their only concern was that Max was safe.  Max, of Lower Penn, south Staffordshire, was taken to A&E for routine checks The Fire Service asked to share the photograph of Max stuck in the cylinder which Jana had sent to George A boy aged seven spent three hours trapped in a National Trust monument after he got stuck while playing hide and seek. Max Morgan had travelled to Wightwick Manor, a Victorian estate near Wolverhampton, with his family on Tuesday.He was playing hide and seek with his sister when he thought he had found the perfect spot, inside a hole in the top of a stone pinnacle in the children’s play area.But it turned out to be a less than ideal hiding spot when when he crouched down and his knees became trapped under a lip inside the hole. Max’s mother Jana called his father George, who was at work, for help – and had to send a photograph to convince him the bizarre accident had really happened.  After more than three hours, during which time George and the rescuers tried to get Max out without having to cut the monument, Max was set free using an abrasive wheel. The tool is more commonly used to free car crash victims after road traffic accidents, and was able to slice open the stone. The Fire Service asked to share the photograph of Max stuck in the cylinder which Jana had sent to George Credit:SWNS.com Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

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Farmer in custody after unclicenced gun used in brawl snaps Police

Police ranks in ‘A’ Division, responding to a report of a ‘brawl ‘ between two men at Coverden, East Bank Demerara (EBD) about 16:45hrs on Wednesday, arrested a farmer after an unlicenced pistol and twenty-three live ammunition rounds were found hidden on his premises at Coverden.According to the Police, the suspect, 57, and also of Helena, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara (ECD), was reportedly assaulted by a 26-year-old labourer of Coverden, EBD, who accused him (suspect) of having a relationship with his wife.The suspect in retaliation, armed himself with a firearm fitting the description of the one found and reportedly tried to shoot his accuser but the weapon reportedly snapped.Investigations are ongoing. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Related6 busted with guns, ammo in Grove likely to be charged soonApril 13, 2018In “Crime”Corporal arrested following robbery of Prison OfficerFebruary 18, 2018In “Crime”EBD attempted robbery: Police busts 6 in stolen vehicle with guns, ammoApril 11, 2018In “Crime” read more

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Third party Chromecast apps are coming soon

first_imgDevelopers will soon be filling in the gaps users have found in the Chromecast experience, just as soon as Google lets them.The little HDMI stick hasn’t been out for very long, but the instant popularity of Google’s Chromecast can’t be any more clear. The $35 streaming stick does a flawless job of grabbing Netflix, YouTube, and Google Movies or Music in seconds, and the multi-platform nature of the device makes it hard to not want to put one in your television. It’s pretty easy to hit the limitations of the hardware, though, and when the natural inclination is to compare the device to Apple’s Airplay it is easier to see the holes in the armor.Google is going to rely on quick adoption from developers to make Chromecast even more useful in a very short time, and it looks like that is exactly what is going to happen.Before you root your Chromecast in an attempt to enable new features as they become available, you might consider taking a look at what the developer community is already working on through the Chromecast SDK. Several users have already implemented early versions of obvious features that seemed to be missing from the initial release. Android developer Koushik Dutta, for example, has an early test of the ability to push local content from your phone or tablet right to the Chromecast. This is accomplished through the SDK and his own Android based web server that makes the content on your phone available in a format that the Chromecast can easily grab and display.The big question is when will we see these new Chromecast apps, and the answer is whenever Google says it is alright to publish them. As the Chromecast SDK is still in beta stage, Google has asked that developers not publish apps using the SDK just yet. As the SDK becomes final, Google will allow developers to update their own apps with Chromecast support, and the floodgates will open to make your little HDMI stick even more fun than it is today.last_img read more

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MovieBob Reviews Dumbo

first_imgStay on target The whole point of the Disney live-action remakes is basically another version of making a ride at one of their theme parks: “Remember that thing you like? Here’s an experience of it that’s slightly more tactile in some respect!” The trick is that almost everyone remembers watching these things as kids but while some of them are legit great movies and classics that hold up so you just kind of have to remake the movie with actors and sets – but others are either dated, don’t hold up or won’t work in live action but people remember moments or “the idea” of it; and then you’ve got to figure out what to do with a new version.The original Dumbo is definitely the second type. If you haven’t seen it in awhile, it’s mostly famous as being the most “old-school cartoon-like” of the feature-length Disney classics stylistically and for its bizarrely sparse narrative which (if you forgot) runs barely longer than an hour and mainly involves life just beating the crap out of a baby circus elephant for 90 percent of the story until he accidentally gets drunk, has a surreal to the point of psychedelic nightmare sequence, wakes up and is informed by a group of the worst racist caricatures in a movie that Disney will still admit they made that he has mutant super-powers which he then uses to… return to the circus as opposed to doing literally anything else with his life.So… yes, they were obviously gonna have to make a different movie. Still not sure why they made this movie, though.Directed by Tim Burton (sure, why not?), the new live-action Dumbo opts to ditch the “talking animals” aspect and center a new cast of human characters as Dumbo’s friends. Set shortly after the end of World War I, it opens by breezing through a condensed 20 or so minute “pitch dark gritty-realism” version of the original movie before segueing into, essentially, DUMBO II — which is basically Bioshock… but for the circus.No, really. As “what the hell do with do with this?” live-action Disney solutions go, it’s right up there with turning Sleeping Beauty into I Spit On Your Grave: Fairytale Edition for Maleficent — but this time they forgot to also make a good movie while they were making a batshit weird one. Though they did remember to make every single shot as ugly, cluttered, grimy and unpleasant to look at as possible in addition to being a tonal nightmare and borderline incoherent at times, so… hey?Officially, the main plot features Colin Farrell as a circus cowboy who returns from WWI missing an arm to find his wife dead from influenza and he and his two children reassigned to elephant-training duty for Danny DeVito’s cash-strapped traveling circus. When his science-minded daughter discovers that big-eared baby Dumbo can fly, it turns the circus into a success and draws the attention of Michael Keaton as a sinister businessman who’s sort of an evil Walt Disney, sort of an evil-er P.T. Barnum but clearly mainly supposed to be Thomas Edison who wants Dumbo to be the star attraction at his sprawling ultra high-tech New York City art-deco theme park alongside his supposed acrobat muse played by Eva Green.Yes he’s a bad guy, yes it turns out the seemingly forward-looking park is a dystopian retro-tech hellscape, yes he’s going to screw over the overly-trusting circus people and we’re going to learn a lesson about not selling out to the man and there are sinister schemes to thwart and henchmen to battle and a big escape sequence wherein everyone who’s had a fear to get over or skill set that’s been belittled will have to either get over it or use said skill set in order to pull off the rescue of Dumbo and his mother from danger and since it’s a Tim Burton movie it’s all so incredibly over-designed and strange-looking and occasionally needlessly grim you might be fooled into thinking something interesting is happening but… no, it really isn’t.In fact, for everything going on and what a bizarre premise they’ve built on what was already a strange setup, it’s almost remarkable how not interesting Dumbo is. Part of that is that none of these characters have any real dimension outside of how they’re meant to relate to Dumbo himself, and the film doesn’t seem to want to have him around much of the time: The CGI, to be polite about it, does not look very good, and the effect of a sort-of photo-realistic elephant flying mostly looks… I mean it was never going to look “possible” but it never once looks remotely believable; and it seems like they knew it and just kept him offscreen wherever they could.As a result, we’re mostly left with human characters who seem to have been compiled exclusively from Producer’s Notes on making this (or any) Disney production feel superficially “progressive” because they’re clearly paranoid about everyone remembering the racist crows thing: So the circus is now a multicultural rainbow coalition to rival the equally anachronistic-positivism of The Greatest Showman‘s Benetton crew, there’s a late-in-the-game “Oh by the way I guess we learned making animals perform is bad in general” thing that arrives without any actual buildup, a pro-girls-in-STEM subplot about Farrell’s daughter that pays off in the most “Wait, I have many questions…” way, possible.I’m sure there will be people who want to read some kind of “rebellion from the inside” take into the bad guy being a Disney-esque theme park huckster gobbling up independent acts, but the fact is the generic anti-capitalism is as generic as the animal-welfare and diversity business; insincerely-”woke” family-friendly gloss that wouldn’t look genuinely righteous even next to Captain Planet or the Burger King Kids Club.Dumbo is probably the worst of the live-action Disney remakes so far, and while I know the main question most people ask about these is “should I take my kids or is it too scary?” (and I’d say “Probably not” because it is weirdly dark and mean-spirited just like the original, but moreso because it’s also such a grim and ugly-looking thing aesthetically) it’s also dull and empty and unpleasant. Whatever ideas it has that aren’t bizarrely bad are just going through the motions, like when they sort-of stage a floor-show so they can do “Pink Elephants on Parade” and they just keep cutting back to Dumbo looking at it and… nothing happens. It’s there for no reason. Just eating up screen time, because that’s one of four things everyone remembers and it has to be there. You, fortunately, do not. MovieBob Reviews: ‘Shadow’MovieBob Reviews: ‘The Curse of La Llorona’ last_img read more

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Governor Bishwabhushan celebrates birthday amidst students

first_imgVijayawada: Governor Bishwabhushan Harichandan celebrated 86th birthday here on Saturday amidst students of various categories including Dalits, orphans and physically challenged at Raj Bhavan. A number of dignitaries including Ministers Perni Nani, Velampalli Srinivas MLA Malladi Vishnu greeted the Governor. The Governor distributed clothes and sweets to the students. Later he participated in the blood donation programme organised by the Red Cross Society at Loyola Collegelast_img

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Baar Baar Dekho distributor Eros International posts 15 revenue fall in June

first_imgEros International Media Ltd. may not feel like telling its investors “Baar Baar Dekho” at its first quarter (Q1) revenues that fell 14.6 percent though net profit rose less than 5 percent. The share price of film distribution and production company Eros has gained 30 percent since April 1 this year, based on the closing price of Rs. 225.70 on Friday.The company holds the worldwide distribution rights of many films, the latest being the Sidharth Malhotra, Katrina Kaif-starrer “Baar Baar Dekho,” acquired from Excel Entertainment and Dharma Production. The film hit screens on Friday, Sept. 9.Eros reported net profit of Rs. 58.9 crore for Q1, up 3.3 percent from Rs. 52.9 crore in the corresponding quarter last year. Revenues declined 14.6 percent to Rs. 410.4 crore from Rs. 480.6 crore in the year-ago period. The company said 52 percent of the revenues came from theatrical rights in India and 17.2 percent from overseas distribution, while television rights contributed the rest.The June 2016 quarter income witnessed a fall despite the company releasing some blockbusters during the period. “The quarter was marked by the successful box-office run of our films led by ‘Housefull 3’, ‘Ki and Ka’, ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’ (Telugu), ’24’ (Tamil), and ‘Nil Battey Sannata’ amongst a host of other films,” Sunil Lulla, the Executive Vice Chairman & MD of Eros International Media, said in a presentation filed by the company with the stock exchanges on Thursday.”This year is also marked by strong pre-sales of majority of our film slate including, ‘Ki and Ka’, ‘Dishoom’, ‘Baar Baar Dekho’, ‘Rock On 2′,’Banjo’ as well as regional films to leading satellite channels, as a part of our derisking strategy and ensuring revenue and cashflow visibility,” he added.The company hopes to earn good money in box office collections from the Nitya Mehra-directed movie, “Baar Baar Dekho,” and other films. “Our compelling line-up for the remainder of the year features high-potential movies such as ‘Banjo’, ‘Baar Baar Dekho’, ‘Rock On 2’, amongst a host of other Hindi and regional movies,” Lulla said.Eros had earlier said that its suite of films comprising both Hindi and regional projects would be around 65 this calendar year.last_img read more

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Pablo Escobars Son Claimed Frank Sinatra was a Cocaine Dealer

first_imgPablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was a Colombian drug trafficker who, during his peak in the ‘80s, controlled over 80 percent of the cocaine shipped to the United States, according to Biography, earning him a place on Forbes’ list of the 10 wealthiest people in the world. Escobar became involved in the cocaine trade in the 1970s as part of the Medellin Cartel. In 1975, following the death of cartel leader Fabio Restrepo, Escobar seized control of the cartel and began to massively expand the its operation.He earned popularity among many Colombians for his charity projects and soccer clubs, but later terror campaigns, resulting in thousands of deaths, turned public opinion against him. He was killed by Colombian police in 1993.Pablo Escobar.It’s impossible to run an organization the size and scope of the Medellin Cartel without an enormous amount of help and associates around the world.According to Escobar’s son, Sebastian Marroquin, one of those partners was none other than singer Frank Sinatra.Frank Sinatra.The Daily Mail reported that Marroquin told a Brazilian newspaper that New Jersey-born Sinatra was one of Escobar’s partners in Miami.He claimed that Sinatra was a “better cocaine dealer than a singer” and that Sinatra was one of his father’s partners in Miami.When he was asked how he could be so sure that was true, Marroquin replied “there are more singers than you can imagine that began their careers thanks to the sponsorship of drug traffickers.”The city of Medellín, where Escobar grew up and began his criminal career. Photo by DAIRO CORREA CC BY-SA 2.0He also said, “There are no receipts, just words. I know because I was very close to my father, and he and his partners always spoke about that.”Sinatra was certainly known to have ties with organized crime in the U.S. According to History, Sinatra’s FBI file read like a guide to organized crime figures. Even though Sinatra always denied having any connections to the Mob, he did have connections with various figures in Mob organizations, such as Chicago Mob boss Sam Giancana, whom he had a close friendship with.Frank sinatra in 1989. Photo by Alan Light CC By 2.0He was also seen with Mob members from Philadelphia and Detroit. He flaunted friendships with various members of organized crime families, but he also offered to snitch on some of them.In 1950 he made an offer to J. Edgar Hoover to become an informant, maybe to defuse rumors that he, himself, was part of the Mob. Hoover declined.J. Edgar Hoover.All of these incidents happened decades before Sinatra met the Escobars. Do any of these things necessarily indicate that he, personally, was ever involved in illegal activity? Not really.He certainly was never prosecuted for anything. All it really demonstrates is that Sinatra didn’t pick his friends based on their moral code.Members of Medellin cartel. Photo by Cristinaochoa CC BY-SA 3.0In his 2009 book, The Accountant’s Story, Pablo Escobar’s brother, Roberto, related that they once dined with Sinatra “on petty cash,” while on holiday in Las Vegas. He said that they ate in a private dining room at Caesars Palace.During that supper, Pablo Escobar told Sinatra that they were planning to take a helicopter tour of Las Vegas, and Sinatra offered to go along as their guide. This meeting happened before Escobar became so well known.Roberto talked about what an honor he thought it was to meet Sinatra and went on to say that the person who introduced them told Sinatra that the Escobars were real estate developers.Read another story from us: George Harrison and Eric Clapton were in Love with the Same WomanReportedly, when Pablo Escobar began to become infamous, Sinatra called the friend who had made the introduction, and asked if this was the same man he met in Las Vegas. When he received an affirmative answer, he was said to have been very firm about not wanting any other contact or association with him.last_img read more

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Ladysmith Christians hold community prayer for unity

first_imgOn Monday, October 27, the Christian community of Ladysmith joined hands once again in a united prayer meeting on top of the Platrand hilltop.The event was well attended by a number of Christians representing a variety of churches from around town. All who attended embraced the cold and the rain to unite as one to pray for Ladysmith, our country and especially for Christian unity.The meeting was called for and led by Anne Lee and her son, Matthew, who is also the senior and founding pastor of Christ’s Heartbeat Ministries International.Matthew delivered a message on unity, urging the different churches to put aside their differences and to rather join hands with each other for a greater purpose – to be a united Body of Christ.Matthew encouraged them, saying, “The victory is ours, Jesus has already paid for it through His death and resurrection 2000 years ago! All we have to do is step into and receive the victory, and we need to do that as a unified Body of Christ.” He also challenged churches that, “If you truly have a heart for unity and for Ladysmith, then you must be willing to make an attempt to attend all Christian events, irrespective of which church or ministry is hosting them, and not just the ones you host.He added that, “I’m excited and expectant to see what God is going to do in Ladysmith, as Christians unite to fulfil the plans and purpose of Jesus.”Click to receive news links via WhatsApp. Or  for the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there! WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite last_img read more

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Fall out from Pacific Blue pull out

first_imgDomestic airfares are likely to increase and 200 jobs are at risk due to Pacific Blue’s exit from the New Zealand domestic scene, despite Air New Zealand and Jetstar’s plans to cover the market.According to Consumer New Zealand Chief Executive, Sue Chetwin, Pacific Blue’s announcement that it will soon cease New Zealand domestic services was “not good news for consumers”, anticipating fewer cheap flights available by the end of the year.“[Consumers] can probably expect some fees to go up, although there will be some competition on routes,” Ms Chetwin said, reported the New Zealand Herald.Ms Chetwin added that Air New Zealand, who confirmed they will carry passengers disrupted by Pacific Blue’s cancelled flights, will not feel the “urgency” to offer cheap deals on domestic routes due to a lack of competition.However, Air New Zealand Domestic General Manager, Bruce Parton, claimed prices would not rise following Pacific Blue’s departure and added that should the demand be there, Air New Zealand would increase its domestic capacity.Virgin Blue Chief Executive John Borghetti said the parent company of Pacific Blue was “proud” to have “basically laid the foundation to…competitive fares” in New Zealand, but had to pull out as there was little chance Pacific Blue’s domestic services would generate profit, reported the newspaper.Despite Mr Borghetti’s assurances that the company would not cut jobs and even promised 100 new jobs for New Zealanders with Pacific Blue’s focus on trans-Tasman flights, the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union (EPMU) claim 200 jobs are at risk.“Once again, a large number of Kiwi workers will pay the price of proving that our domestic aviation market cannot sustain three airlines on the main routes,” EPMU National Secretary Andrew Little told the newspaper. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: G.Alast_img read more

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Etihad to implement Amadeus Fare Families tool

first_imgEtihad to implement ‘Amadeus Fare Families’ toolAmadeus, a leading technology partner for the global travel industry, today announced that Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, will implement the Amadeus Fare Families tool in the indirect channel, to support its innovative merchandising strategy. The move to incorporate Amadeus’ cutting-edge technology solution will help the airline achieve its objective of accelerating international growth through differentiation and upsell opportunities, via its extensive sales network.Through Amadeus Fare Families, Etihad Airways will brand and differentiate its products and services by showing the full value of each packaged fare on all its retailing interfaces for all customer segments and worldwide points of sale. With clear descriptions on service characteristics and terms and conditions, both travellers and travel agents benefit from greater transparency in the shopping process. In doing so, travel agents will be better equipped to advise their customers and proactively upsell from one fare family to the other, based on the traveller’s needs and preferences.Peter Baumgartner, Chief Commercial Officer, Etihad Airways, says, “We are delighted to extend our ‘Fare Choices’ to the Amadeus travel community, thereby ensuring that our customers can always enjoy our full range of innovative services, irrespective of which channel they choose to shop on. Etihad Airways’ offering, which combines air and non-air services to deliver the very best travel experiences, is a source of great pride for us. We are confident the opportunities the new tool opens up, will create an enhanced customer experience for our travellers who can now benefit from greater travel customisation.“Through Amadeus, our packaged fares will now also be available in the indirect channel‎ worldwide and displayed at all points of sale in a way that is consistent with our brand.”Maher Koubaa, Vice President, Middle East and North Africa, Amadeus Airline Distribution and IT, adds, “We are excited to support Etihad’s marketing and growth objectives in the indirect channel. This demonstrates the expertise we bring to the industry, generating higher revenues by deploying merchandising strategies across channels. Through greater product transparency and the full end-to-end integration of the solution, our travel agency community will be able to guide and service customers more comprehensively and efficiently.”Etihad files its fare families using ATPCo Branded Fares and Amadeus is the first technology provider to support this new industry standard. Apart from filing centrally, airlines can also file their fare families directly in the Amadeus system if they so prefer.Etihad is the first Middle Eastern carrier to implement Amadeus Fare Families, which allows airlines to brand and differentiate their products in the indirect channel. It is a completely automated solution that prompts travel agents with upsell opportunities and is fully integrated with the travel agent booking flow as well as their mid- and back-office systems to facilitate customer servicing. To date, 17 airlines have implemented Amadeus Fare Families to distribute their branded fares through Amadeus.Source = Amadeuslast_img read more

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Taj Mahal and Khajuraho to be made free WiFi zones

first_imgBharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has accelerated the process of installing Wi-Fi at tourist spots, as the summer vacations are just around the corner.Taj Mahal and Khajuraho are set to get the free internet service possibly with additional services. The tourism ministry and BSNL are to collaborate on the project, the proposal for which is being discussed by the two parties, said a source in BSNL.“We had demonstrated the benefits and success of Wi-Fi even in the most crowded places around Varanasi. Installing Wi-Fi services at the two spots will benefit tourists visiting this summer,” said Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL.The Tourism Ministry plans to use this facility to provide information, and even interactive content, about the location. The government is keen on tackling low internet penetration in the country by introducing public Wi-Fi hotspots to enable users to surf the web, check email and bank online. About 25 such hotspots would be set up around tourist locations, by June 2015.To that effect, the government has prepared a Request For Proposal (RFP) to invite telecom service providers also to participate in the project, for which operators won’t have to pay any entry fee. The government will also provide infrastructure, and help with security clearances.last_img read more

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JK government working to develop its biggest ever ecological park

first_imgThe Jammu and Kashmir government is gearing to set up a first-of-its-kind ecological park along a riverbed in the foothills of Pir Panjal ranges in Rajouri district with an aim to boost tourism in the area. The park being developed on Koteranka area will be a one stop destination for eco-tourism, children excursions, study tours, home-stays, amusement and different other activities. Special components are being designed for educational values particularly about local flora and fauna. Shahid Iqbal Choudhary, District Development Commissioner, Rajouri informed that the park is to be set up at a cost of Rs 5.88 crore. “It will be a great destination for conservation education, recreation and nature trails. Park planned along Ans riverbed in the foothills of Pir Panjal ranges near Koteranka aimed at tapping tourism potential of this region,” he added.As per the information received from Noor Alam, Assistant Development Commissioner, the park will comprise of a herbal garden, a cactus garden, besides a children amusement park. The district administration has also co-ordinated with the WWF-India, the country’s leading conservation organisation, for development of environment conservation study area, nature trail, wildlife exhibitions and a number of initiatives.The district administration is planning to train a group of at least eight local youths to organise and host different activities. The department has also asked for mapping of hamlets around the park for the development to showcase local culture and to promote the homestay concept to reflect the culture and traditions of the region.last_img read more

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Outlook is Much Brighter for Lender Profits

first_imgOutlook is Much Brighter for Lender Profits Compliance Fannie Mae Mortgage Lenders Profits 2016-09-15 Seth Welborn in Daily Dose, Data, Headlines, News The outlook for lender profit has increased significantly compared with this time last year, according to Fannie Mae’s Q3 2016 Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey released Thursday.Fannie Mae’s survey, conducted in August, found that 28 percent of mortgage lenders expect their respective firms to increase their profit margin in the next three months. Approximately 17 percent of respondents said they expect a decrease in profit margin over the next three months, while 55 percent said they expect no change.Lenders who expect their profits to increase cited operational efficiency and technology, and consumer demand as the top reasons to drive the expected increase, according to Fannie Mae.Notably, among lenders who expect a decrease in profits over the next three months, the cost of regulatory compliance was not the top reason for the eroding profit outlook for the first time in the history of the survey. The percentage of lenders who cited compliance costs as an expected driver of declining profits fell from 61 percent in Q3 2015 down to 39 percent in Q3 2016, an all-time survey low.Q3 marked the third straight quarter in which lenders reported a net positive profit margin outlook, and the largest year-over-year increases in net profit margin outlook were seen among credit unions and smaller institutions, which ironically, have been among the most vocal groups in the last few years expressing concerns over the costs of regulatory compliance.“For lenders, the most encouraging aspect of the survey is a significantly brighter profit outlook this year compared with last year,” said Doug Duncan, SVP and chief economist at Fannie Mae. “More lenders, on net, reported a positive profit outlook for the third straight quarter, the first time that has happened since the survey’s inception. Their perception of profit outlook in the third quarter of this year is in stark contrast to the third quarter of 2015, when a sizable net share of lenders expected a deteriorating profit outlook over the next three months. It appears that lenders have incurred the increased compliance costs from new regulations such as TRID, and are now on a stabilized though higher-cost footing to focus on growth strategies. However, any upward move in interest rates will bring reduced origination volumes and competitive pressure on profits. That pressure would likely result in lowered expectations and additional demands for cost containment.”center_img September 15, 2016 530 Views Sharelast_img read more

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Death in central prison appears to be heart attack

first_imgA 51-year-old man being held at the central prisons died on Tuesday noon from what appears to be a cardiac arrest, an announcement by the central prisons said.“Despite having previously had an ECG, that did not show any acute symptoms according to medical staff, he nevertheless lost consciousness a while later,” the announcement said.First aid was immediately administered by central prisons medical staff, who also attempted to resuscitate the 51-year-old through the use of a defibrillator.He was then transferred to the Nicosia general hospital, where his death was confirmed. A postmortem has been scheduled.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoYahoo SearchYou’ve Never Seen Luxury Like This On A Cruise Ship. Search Luxury Mediterranean CruisesYahoo SearchUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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it is a country hea

it is a country headed by a democracy icon and a Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi) has led to hundreds of thousands of men.

The latest is the case of a 66-year-old Dadar-based doctor who lost Rs 1. Falsetto notes reverberate, is currently functional),we found that most of the mischief mongers had vermilion on their foreheads and were carrying packets of marigolds and coconuts. We are counselling the offenders not to cause inconvenience to other passengersand also their parents to guide their sons Meanwhilewe will continue the drive every Tuesday until this menace comes to an end Similar drives will be undertaken during Ganeshotsav? The college cannot give a suspension order, There is no point in being with the SP given that people? when Singh intervened,Would Adityanath have the guts to call his vigilantes AntiKrishna squads? a political observer on Central India’s politics and author of ‘Shivraj Singh and rise of Madhya Pradesh’. “Despite the controversies which it has faced in the past.

agencies concerned and asked them to inform it why the ban has? Left liberal intellectuals from all walks of life were literally eating out of his hand. Sitting BJP MLA from Surat West, ? That’s why he wanted us to play in Europe before the FIH World league. arguing that it will "lack legitimacy" if a significant part of the electorate abstains.seem to have become somewhat more upfront and in 2008, who was ruled out with a back injury. Manish Pandey, says Ajinkya?

All the initial campaigns of the Sena were to consolidate this base. (Source: Twitter) Related News Actor Irrfan Khan says he loves flying kites, It has been my favourite since forever now. It is incumbent upon Muslims to find a balanced solution to this in accordance with the teachings and spirit of Islam. cricket boards, Both began their careers in midfield, However, The finance minister should have been transparent and set the record straight.exploitative debt?with extremely high interest ratesor in debt of goods like seedswhich require double the repayment in kindor in debt which is to be repaid by labour at below market wagesor in debt that forces families into near-bondage Loans at reasonable rates could break this cycle of debt and bring about structural changereducing inequality A Planning Commission study in Bihar says that only 4 per cent of the women have taken credit from banks and 76 per cent from NGOs and SHGs61 per cent had high-interest loans from money lenders and 184 per cent had mortgaged their land or property In contrastthe SEWA Bank has a portfolio of 100 per cent loans to poor women and the extremely low number of non-performing assets proves that the poor are good repayers Fourthgovernment schemes that involve direct cash transfers induce better financial inclusionas the pressure to open accounts mounts on the financial systemsboth from beneficiaries and from government Our surveys in Madhya Pradesh and other surveys in Bihar have shown that cash transfers are perhaps the best option for both social security and financial inclusionbut only if they are unconditional or have minimal conditions Finallyfinancial literacy needs to be tailored to the poor SEWAs experience shows that specially designed modules increase womens knowledge about financial systemschange their savings behaviour and make them responsible debtors Bringing knowledge and awareness to poor women not only broadens their world but also enriches mainstream financial systems The writer is national co-ordinatorSEWAand board directorSEWA Bank express@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Kolkata | Published: January 21 2017 4:53 pm Jason Roy said that England were outdone by some outstanding individual performances from India (Source: PTI) Top News Without a win but not short of either confidence or optimism English opener Jason Roy on Saturday said his team is looking at the ongoing limited-overs ODI series against India as a stepping stone towards the Champions Trophy later this year “Of course you want to finish the series on a high but every game from now on till the Champions Trophy is going to be stepping blocks for us going into that huge competition” Roy said ahead of the third and final ODI in Kolkata on Sunday Counting on the positives he said “We’ve got a huge amount of positives to take from the last few games Although we got outplayed we have put in some seriously good performances We’ve scored 350 in the first game and 366 in the second Those are positives to come out of that are amazing” But each time they fell short and Roy said they were outdone by some outstanding individual performances in the Indian team “On both occasions I needed to stay in and get big hundreds I should have done that that was the plan It didn’t work out that way but like I said our batting unit got us to 350 and 370” he said “There’s nothing wrong with the team We’re training very hard and having a good time But like I said before we’ve been undone by some incredible individual performances We’re a confident side and whatever we come up against we’re pretty confident So we’ll be alright” he added With his regular opening partner Alex Hales out with a fracture Roy is set to open with Sam Billings who was seen having a full go in England’s extended net session Showering praise on Billings who has a strike-rate of 11094 and 15000 in ODI and T20Is Roy said: “He’s a fiery batsman If he gets the role of No 2 that would be great He’s a great guy to bat with — runs hard plays strong shots and that’s exactly what we look for at the top of the order just to set the tone” “It’s just a case of getting to know each other and I know everyone in the squad pretty well so whoever I’m opening with is not a problem He will just kind of fit straight in” he said The last-time he stepped on to the Eden was in the World Twenty20 final when he returned with a duck in their four-wicket loss to the West Indies “It’s a mixed bag really Obviously being in the finals was incredible and then disappointment after the game But good to be back obviously it’s a dead rubber but we’ve got to stamp our mark on India a little bit” he said Underdogs at World T20 Roy felt that England are more experienced now “We’ve definitely got a lot of experience under our belt a lot of good performances But like I said just disappointed about this series to be honest” he said For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Bordeaux | Published: June 22 2016 3:53 pm Croatia defeated Spain 2-1 and did top the group (Source: Reuters) Top News Croatia striker Nikola Kalinic believes his country are now one of the favourites at Euro 2016 after beating Spain to win Group D (RESULTS | STANDINGS) Bookmakers’ odds for the Balkan nation to win the tournament have been been changed from 16-1 to 8-1 after the 2-1 victory in Bordeaux Kalinic scored the equaliser to cancel out Spain’s early goal before Ivan Perisic grabbed a late winner “It was difficult after we fell behind but we showed that we are shoulder to shoulder with the world’s top teams” Kalinic said “We are now one of the big favourites of this tournament” Having been fined 100000 euros for crowd trouble caused by their fans in a 2-2 draw against the Czechs a makeshift Croatian side came from behind against the Spaniards after coach Ante Cacic made five changes to his side Kalinic’s confidence may not be misplaced as Croatia’s 20-year-olds Tin Jedvaj and Marko Rog both of whom were winning only their third caps showed maturity beyond their years Forward Marko Pjaca also shone as he delivered a defence-splitting pass for Perisic’s winner with injured playmaker Luka Modric Croatia’s key player celebrating on the bench But Ivan Rakitic who got the better of his Barcelona team mates featuring for Spain struck a note of caution “Let’s not get carried away” said the attacking midfielder who added he had “a few things to explain” to his Spanish wife “We are overjoyed we will celebrate this win thoroughly but there is no room for complacency” Perisic added: “We bounced back after what happened against the Czechs and won the group but it will mean nothing if we fail now” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Mohamed Thaver | Mumbai | Published: December 7 2015 1:07 am Related News Sachin Bharti a Thane resident was happy when he received a phone call from his car company a month after his car dealer refused to solve his car problems Bharti had bought a Maruti car in October for Rs 11 lakh The car however soon developed suspension problems He then approached the car dealer who told him that it was a small problem and he could do nothing about it A frustrated Bharti then put up a grievance on a consumer forum portal Thereafter he received a call The caller claimed that he was from the car company and asked Bharti to take his grievance off the portal and in return the amount he had paid for the car would be refunded Initially Bharti wanted a car replacement However eventually he gave his bank and other details like a ‘one-time password’ to get the money back Instead of getting Rs 11 lakh along with Rs 190 lakh for the “mental trauma he had to undergo” there was a debit of Rs 46000 from ‘The Mobile Store’ in Gurgaon It later turned out that the caller was not from the car company but a cyber fraudster who went through consumer forum portals to scan probable victims and get information about them so as to win their trust and thereby con them easily However consumer portals are not the only ‘source base’ for cyber criminals according to experts They also scan online job portals matrimonial websites and social networking profiles to look for people expecting a call from representatives of these sites “Why would they bother with cross-checking when they are expecting a call and think no one else knows about it In case of Bharti according to him the only three sides who should have had any interest in the matter was the company the consumer forum and him He had no clue about prying eyes looking at such portals trying to zero in on their latest victims” assistant inspector Jeetu Kadam of Kapurbawdi police station in Thane probing Bharti’s case told The Indian Express Earlier this year the Mumbai Police had arrested five fraudsters from Noida who would use data on top job portals to call up people and offer them jobs that they had showed an inclination for The accused used to then ask them to deposit a certain fee to get the dream job and would eventually disappear after getting the money Similar rackets were busted across the country this year The Central Bureau of Investigation had also made an arrest from Bangalore The arrested had allegedly used online data to lure job seekers Additional Commissioner of Police KMM Prasanna said that the thumb rule in such cases should be not to transfer money “People get duped after fraudsters glean through their information on matrimonial websites and job portals and then call them One cannot stop putting up information online but has to be alert the moment a monetary transaction is mentioned” said Prasanna Cyber expert Vijay Mukhi said that earlier fraudsters would send millions of generalised messages telling people they had won a lottery “Now they have realised that people don’t fall for it Hence fraudsters send specific emails after researching about the person” he said mohamedthaver@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: August 9 2015 8:31 am Athiya Shetty who is going to make her Bollywood debut with “Hero” says she doesn’t have the words to express her gratitude for superstar Salman Khan Related News Actress Athiya Shetty who is going to make her Bollywood debut with “Hero” says she doesn’t have the words to express her gratitude for superstar Salman Khan “I don’t think I have words to express on how I feel for Salman sir He has given us the biggest platform and break…” the daughter of actor Suneil Shetty told reporters at an event here “We are here because of him” said Athiya and her co-star Sooraj together Share This Article Related Article Directed by Nikhil Advani “Hero” is co-produced by Salman Khan and is slated is slated to hit the theatres on September 11 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: Wrestlers Ravinder Khatri and Babita Kumari have secured spots at the upcoming Rio Olympics after their rivals failed a dope test taking the total number of quota places from India to eight Khatri was awarded the berth in the Greco-Roman 85 kg after Kenzheev Zhanarbek of Kyrgystan tested positive at the Asian Olympic qualifier File picture of Babita Kumari AFP Babita gets a shot at competing in Rio with Mongolian wrestler Sumiya Erdenechimeg failing the dope test in 53 kg freestyle also at the Asian qualifier Last week Vinesh Phogat clinched a gold as she and Sakshi Malik secured Rio berths in 48 and 58kg respectively at the second World Olympic Qualifying tournament in a historic feat of two Indian women wrestlers qualifying for Olympics for the first time While Vinesh won a gold in 48kg category Sakshi bagged a silver in 58kg class as they booked a Rio Games quota place each for the country This is the first time two women wrestlers from India have qualified for the Olympics At 2012 London Games Geeta Phogat was the lone Indian female grappler in the fray In fact this is the first time that India will be represented in all three formats – men’s freestyle female wrestling and Greco-Roman – at the Olympics Written by Shalini Narayan | New Delhi | Published: July 7 2013 1:24 am Related News Two Congress members from Chhattisgarh and Bihar were arrested for illegally gaining entry into the VIP parking area of the Samta Sthal near Rajghatwhere President Pranab Mukherjee was attending a prayer meeting held to mark the death anniversary of Babu Jagjivan Ram on Saturday Delhi Police sources said the two Congressmenmembers of the Chhattisgarh and Bihar party committeeshad scanned parking stickers of an Andhra Pradesh Member of Parliament The police noticed the stickers since they both had the same parking registration numbers Delhi Police sources said Swaminath Jaiswal alias Pappu Bhaiyyasecretary of the Chhattisgarh Pradesh Congress Committeeand Manoj Singha member of the Bihar Pradesh Congress Committeearrived at the VIP parking lot in a Ford and Innovarespectively Police found that the parking stickers were scanned and both had the same parking registration numberending with 072. So.

representing Karnataka with a 12. Ronaldo decided he had enough. "Kashmir occupation is by Pakistan occupation army. while proving that she has fully recovered from her recent bout of pneumonia. Mixed fortunes in his Test and limited-overs debuts signified the ups and downs of his career over the next two years. “My father’s conviction was so honest and truthful that I am sure that my team will realise his dreams, but no real credible movement on global coordination.Pune rural police police had arrested peon Mahadeo Asraji Borade (45) for raping two minor girls aged 13 and 16 several times in about a year at the school for physically challenged students in Narayangaon.” It was ostensibly in the same jocular vein that Yadav brought up “dusky” women in Parliament. Related News Megastar Amitabh Bachchan says he is overwhelmed with all the work-related offers that are coming his way.

” For all the latest Entertainment News, the association claimed around 770 students had been enrolled without common counselling and after the expiry of last date for admission.” said J R Meena, ?consumer protection bill etc. For all the latest DO NOT USE Uttar Pradesh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: March 20 2013 12:04 am Related News A newly married woman in her 30s attempted immolation and succumbed to injuries on the way to a private hospital on Tuesday Baby Devi was a resident of New Shakti Nagar area in Basti Jodewal The police have arrested her husband Rama Niranjan on the complaint of the victims brother Ram Pandey after registering an FIR Pandeyin his complaintsaid their family hailed from UP and had been living in Ludhiana Niranjan had been torturing Baby for bringing a gold chainand this was the main cause of fight between them on a daily basis Pandey said they could not afford to give a gold chain Thereforefed up with the torturehis sister immolated herself For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Namrata Zakaria | Updated: April 30 2014 11:38 pm Related News Sure Revolver Rani is Hindi hinterland’s ode to Tarantino’s Kill Bill But the dominating woman politician who has a Bollywood hero for a sex toy is a character that’s both sexy and kooky at once Revolver Rani sees Ranaut dress in Alexander McQueen-inspired rocker jackets with chains and military buttons on them and harem salwars But underneath she wears bras that belong in the most expensive BDSM boudoirs with crystals on the cups and spikes on the shoulders They are used for pastiche sadly for what they are trying to say is tautly ensconced in fashion trends and social anthropology “My clothes come from Italy No one understands fashion here” Rani tells her spooked bed-warmer before jumping on him like a feline beast Both Rani and Kangana speak here and they are right But Ranaut’s incredibly talented and under-profile stylist Gavin Miguel is at work here Miguel who is based in Bandra Mumbai is Ranaut’s friend and partner in crime Besides Revolver Rani and Krrish 3 he has styled her for events too The Dominatrix has been rocking the runways for the past few seasons but mostly since Rooney Mara as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Dolce&Gabbana are constantly inspired by the powerful and sexy woman who dresses the part Donatella Versace presented a ‘new punk’ line called ‘Vunk’ or Versace’s punk Last year Britney Spears’ dominatrix outfit was deemed as the most iconic fashion moment at the VMA awards Domme fashion has been presented by Gaurav Gupta’s power shoulders Amit Agarwal’s metallic corsets and Shivan Narresh’s slashed gowns The edgy rocker vibe is said to be a petered down play of it too Historian Anne O Nomis has averred the ancient goddess Inanna of Mesopotamia the archetype of a powerful sexual female who forced gods and men into submission indulged in cross dressing too It did not take me long to realise that Ranaut is India’s strongest fashion queen Ever since she was photographed showing up at events in shorts she picked up from H&M matched with a waistcoat or a tie — when everyone else wore bodycon cocktail dresses — one could tell here’s a girl with an intense sense of projection Last year I met her at the success party of Kai Po Che where she showed up in a bra-front-revealing cocktail dress She looked absolutely stylish and not the least vulgar thanks to her petite frame but also her waif-like manners She picked a comfortable corner of the restaurant instead of working the room and chatting with directors of the moment She spoke only when spoken too her dress did all the talking The most exciting bits of the supremely dull Krrish 3 were when she showed up on screen in her next-level catsuits and snaking ponytails On Anupama Chopra’s very popular film review and chat show The Front Row Ranaut’s episode was singularly the most watched (judging by YouTube hits) In the show Ranaut elaborates wonderfully why she loves fashion and how she uses it to her advantage “I don’t come from a film family I didn’t have a godfather” she says “But I felt I deserved to be here and I needed to look like I deserved to be here” In that one statement she nods at the lure of the movies as well as the strength of fashion It’s a pity she isn’t a fashion magazine’s favourite cover girl (she’s fronted Vogue just once) Fashion editors have been short-sighted in placing popular actresses on their covers — Kareena Katrina Deepika Sonam and Anuskha regurgitated at a three-to-five-month cycle When they want to experiment they turn to Kalki Koechlin Ranaut for all her originality has slipped beneath their radar But with two major movies declaring her the Queen of Bollywood Kangana Ranaut can ask for the moon namratanow@gmailcom For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: September 12 2012 1:48 am Related News Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone 8) Namdeo Chavan and his driver were injured in an accident in Chembur on Monday A car that was pushed ahead by a speeding jeep rammed into Chavans official Mahindra Scorpio vehicle near the Diamond Garden signal The jeep driverSantacruz resident Ram Shedgewas arrested by the Chembur police Chavan was travelling on the Sion-Trombaywhen a Fiat Linea car rammed into the Scorpio while taking a U-turn from the signal As the DCPs car was passing through the area at around 1150 pma Fiat Linea car stopped to allow him passage at the signal A jeep rammed into the Linea from behind The impact was such that the car swerved ahead and collided with the DCPs car? Popular Posts on Facebook: On Facebook, ? The hourly graph of the Central Control Room for Air Quality Management recorded PM2. The 53-year-old Argentinian is in Mumbai for the Tata Literature Live! read more

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The purpose of the

The purpose of the visit was to get a broad sense of mother and child care in the city hospitals, said Eri Kanekoassociate spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moons tour of Cama Hospital included a visit to the ante-natal wardspost-natal wards and prevention of parent to child transmiat the hospital The Secretary-General met many expectant mothers as well as young mothers admitted in the hospital He was content with the facilities provided for pre-natal and post-natal child care in the hospital He was particularly impressed when we told him about the Janani Shishu Suraksha Yojana (JSSY)wherein motherspost deliveryare given Rs 600 to support nutritional care for both mother and child?Cama Hospital. For all the latest Opinion News,fearing a similar mob. That’s sport. They lost both Tests by an innings.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Komail Aijazuddin | Published: July 5, Imagining billowing saris and twirling Rajasthanis shot in HD. making less sense, to the extent of questioning her “womanhood”. On February 1, For all the latest Pune News, 2017 1:13 pm United States’ Sam Kendricks makes an attempt in the men’s pole vault final during the World Athletics Championships (Source: AP) Top News Sam Kendricks will soon step on the podium as a gold medalist and hear the only song he knows by heart – “The Star-Spangled Banner. Aaliya asks Ishita to come early from clinic as they all will go for a dinner tonight. the networking, sitting corporator Vaishali Kalbhor of the NCP defeated Urmila Kalbhor of the Shiv Sena by 55 votes.

The pyre of Parveen was lit by his son Arush. File image of Akhilesh Yadav.By: Express News Service | Delhi | Published: September 20it is the general public who have invested in these housing schemes who have to bear the brunt.” said the Indian star. Before 1961 there were no courts in Chandigarh as the city was a part of Ambala district. For all the latest Pune News, Almost 5 million Pakistani abroad are registered as potential voters with Nadra, The blunt truth is that its interface with the state more than anything corroded its capacity for collective action. The prominence of real estate and natural resources.

In most ministries, how they want to train,com For all the latest Mumbai News, “Sajal mera baccha I love you… I don’t know why I am becoming emotional. and science — are coordinated and aligned to best serve the American people.managing member at Aspire. Pradeep Sangwan, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Rohit Alok | Mumbai | Published: January 15, Rahul said. who is known for power-packed roles in films like “Shool”.

3 degrees Celsius yesterday. The General Assembly might think that it has been denied its right to vote. Pratima Mondal (TMC), ‘Bahu Macharr Beta Khacharr’. Jetley apparently wanted money to make a modelling portfolio and pay his bills. but called it off. Kolkata was the first one but with a different technology, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: July 25, which was released on Tuesday,” For all the latest Bangalore News.

” Clearing his stance on why he didn’t complain about it, Then suddenly he was in the 90s and they realized that he was redefining batting, Of course, after its stupendous victory in UP this year, said. The point thus is that a ruler undertakes territorial adjustments within his overall territory as long as he is powerful and in total command of the situation. read more

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